Smarter smartphones? Or more dangerous?

Protect your medicine in its wrapper or case and keep the radiation from your smartphone or mobile phone outside.

Many may wonder if it would not be more practical to shield the negative effects of cell phones, wifi, televisions, microwave ovens, etc .; instead of taking action to protect our medicines, pets or even ourselves from radiation. It turns out that this would only be achieved if we abolished their use, something that would not be feasible for our daily lives because we get used to the facilities they provide. Moreover, this effort would be of no use if your neighbor or your surroundings were not doing the same.

Placing the phone in metal cases or wrapping them in metal films to obtain the expected protection will cause the phone to receive a very low electromagnetic signal. In generations of cell phones prior to G3 and G4, the cell phone was silent and unsigned, but in these two generations of cell phones, this does not happen so easily, because their handsets are provided with a technological feature called AGC, Automatic Gain Control. This feature works similarly as described below:

If you start talking to a person who is several feet away, you would speak with a higher than normal voice so that person can hear you. As you walk closer to this person as you continue speaking, you can reduce the volume of your voice and still be perfectly heard.
AGC works in a similar way. When an available cellular signal is weak, because of the distance from the cell tower, or because of obstructions between the phone and the tower, AGC detects this weak signal condition and increases signal strength in both directions. – tower input to your device, and output from your device to the tower.

When the signal is stronger because you are closer to the tower or there are fewer obstructions blocking the signal, AGC also detects this condition, it controls the gain of the amplified signal so that it does not overlap the signal from the cell tower, but continues to offer maximum signal range and coverage area under these conditions.

Thus, when storing the phone in bags, briefcases, boxes or any other object, the radiation level emitted by the phone will increase until it ensures that the communication link with the nearest tower is established.
Consequently, when storing medicines in the same bag, box, suitcase or any other object, this medicine will be bombarded with a very high charge, more harmful to the preservation of the medicine.

When we instinctively put the phone into metallic cases and force its operation, we are not testing the shielding effectiveness of this case, but observing the principle of increasing the power of the phone to compensate for the attenuation promoted by the shield.

Therefore, we conclude that the casings and cases that we use to protect our medicines serve and are effective in attenuating signals to healthy levels of electromagnetic radiation, because with the cell phone outside this enclosure, AGC is not encouraged to compensate for the attenuation promoted by enclosure shielding and even if it was the signal as evidenced in the tests is well below the threshold levels.

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