Care Case Technology

Care Case was developed from the Faraday cage concept, seeking to substantially mitigate
the negative impacts of electromagnetic waves within it.
To better understand, it is as if a plane during a storm received lightning (lightning).

Inside the aircraft nothing happens, because the electric field is almost all blocked outside the plane. Therefore, without electric field the magnetic field is null. This is because the fuselage of the plane is metallic.Care Case is made from a metal alloy similar to the one used in aircraft, as Faraday Cage concept.

Until the final product was obtained, prototypes were fabricated and experiments were produced. Tests were cautiously
accompanied, and product lines that did not ensure compliance with the requirements were abandoned.

Prototype series were created and refined to reach the current product, not giving up development
technology to provide improvements for future generations of products.

Its structure is made of a lightweight metal alloy so as not to cause discomfort when being transported, stop interference and be easy to store and if necessary,

Its interior is coated with a polymer composite that in addition to packaging the bottle and cushions impacts and moderate mechanical shocks.
In their final stage of manufacture the enclosures go through a heating tunnel of over 180ยบ Celsius, which promotes sterilization of the product.

Its raw materials as well as its manufacturing process aim not to degrade the environment, so the product can be totally recyclable.
Care Case aims to protect medicines from: Non-Ionizing Radiations. Brightness. Unity. Essences and Aromas. Moderate Mechanical Impacts.

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100% recyclable

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Respect for the environment

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Non toxic

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