Wrapps and cases to protect homeopathic, floral, anthroposophic, physiochemical and herbal medicines from non-ionizing radiation. And EMF.

Solutions for your laboratory, stock and other radiation critical areas.



Individual and collective protectors for medication flasks against non-ionizing radiation. Your best ally in protecting your medications.


Survey of non-ionizing radiation sources and recommendations of best practices and actions. Ensure your laboratory, stock and other critical areas are protected from radiation.

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Protects medicines against: Non-ionizing Radiation EMF-s | Excess light | Humidity | Essences and scents | Moderate mechanical impacts
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Proven efficiency

Care Case products work according to the Faraday cage concept and have been developed and tested in laboratories through sophisticated physical testing.
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Respect for the environment

Care Case products are produced from processes that do not harm the environment or generate waste that pollute or unbalance ecosystems.
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100% recyclable

Care Case Raw Materials are all recyclable, although not considered a disposable product.
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Non toxic

Care Case products are designed with very low toxicity components providing safety not only to the user, but also to those who interact with the product.
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Specific Solutions

Care Case is not limited to providing solutions for most applications. If you have a specific need, please contact us and we will be ready to listen to your needs.


Your medicines always protected.

Care Case has solutions that will help you!

Individual Protection Case

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Why protect medicines?
Scientists from different countries conducted several experiments that proved not only the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines but also that the medicine itself have their active ingredient destroyed when exposed up to 25 cm away from cell phones, microwave ovens, WiFi routers and other sources of energy. energy. For this reason, various pharmaceuticel companies and laboratories recommend and warn the package inserts of such harmful effects on their products.
By storing the drugs in tin cans, will I be protected against non-ionizing radiation from smartphones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Microwave, Radios, etc?
Most cans available in the market are not even aluminum alloys and even though they are many of them have no proper characteristic to shield the electromagnetic waves because they do not have adequate electrical conductivity. So we can say that the medicines will not be protected if they are being stored in this type of cans.
Before Care Case, we used to keep our medicines wrapped in aluminum foil, What are the advantages of Care Case products?
Most aluminum films have good electrical conductivity, which results in good performance in the shielding of electromagnetic radiation, but with the use of these films they begin to deteriorate and need to be replaced otherwise they will endanger the effectiveness of the medicine. Among others advantages that Care Case products have, we can highlight: 1- The materials are durable and do not break easily. 2 - The flasks are stable placed vertically preventing the medicine from contacting the dropper rubber. 3 - The alloy is controlled so that its main characteristic is preserved. 4 - The practicality of identifying medicines through the colors of the cases.
Is it expensive to have Care Case products?
Care Case fits in your pocket. Search for a nearest retail outlet or purchase directly from our website *** (See rules).
Where to buy Care Case?
We are spread all over Brazil and we keep growing. To find out which regions we are present check out the "Points of Sale" section at the top of this page and search for your region, it's super simple.
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