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    Common questions

    How do I place an order?
    Make your registration in the footer and start buying. let us know your zip code so that we can offer you more affordable shipping. Once we receive your registration your request we will be sending an order form filled with the supply details for you to approve.
    Freight is calculated based on your order and delivery data entered in the register. For purchases over R $ 600,00 the freight has discounts and depending on the region it can be free. We operate with Post Office, so your order can be dispatched in PAC or SEDEX.
    Payment methods
    - Bank slip - You can choose to pay via bank slip. The ticket is issued with a maturity of 28 days, with a 5% discount on the value of products for cash payment. - Current Account Credit - You can choose to pay by credit account, only in case of cash payment with 5% discount.
    Warranty & Refund
    PRODUCT WARRANTY The warranties for our products are against manufacturing defects within 4 months of the invoice date. If the product is defective within this period, not due to misuse, please contact REFUND / REFUND FOR RETURNED OR DAMAGED PRODUCTS For purchases made to the bank slip or checking account credit, we will deposit the order holder's checking account within five business days of validating the return. We do not refund to a third party account.