Homeopathy for animals

Very Effective Treatment

Dr. Victorioa Bazan is a homeopathic pharmaceutical who loves animals. Her big “xodó”, the Pumpkin kitten, named after her orange fur, is 12 years old and has an “iron health”. Also, according to Dr. Victoria, homeopathy is an excellent alternative to conventional treatments with allopathic remedies for dogs and cats.

The use of homeopathy can bring several benefits. Homeopathic medicines are easy to apply and affordable in any pocket compared to allopathic medicines. In addition, they can treat a variety of diseases without risking side effects and poisoning in the animal. Dr. Victoria Bazan complements, although homeopathic remedies can even help prevent the onset or worsening of illness.

Like homeopathic remedies used in humans, homeopathy treats the animal’s entire organism, balancing the physical, the emotional and the mental.